We specialize in the design and manufacturing of licensed, proprietary, and custom products for the aviation industry. We engineer tailored solutions to meet each customers’ unique needs! 

We manufacture thousands of products for the entire Boeing fleet; products for Airbus, Fokker, British Aerospace and others; in addition to products for Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and GE engines. We design and manufacture high quality specialized aviation/aerospace electronic and mechanical tooling, engine handling and ground support equipment (GSE), avionics shop/bench test, line maintenance test equipment and we provide test, repair, and calibration services for all products. QAT is a licensed GSE supplier.

We craft solutions to meet your specific needs in addition to offering proprietary solutions to reduce maintenance downtime. Our products are used by commercial airlines, the military and the general aviation industry world-wide. Much of our work is 100% handcrafted and tested in-house to ensure the best quality available.


Boeing 787, 777, 767, 757, 747, 737, 727, 717, 707,  MD11, DC-10, MD90, MD80, DC-9, DC-8, Airbus, Fokker, British Aerospace and numerous military aircraft including KC-10, KDC-10, C9A, and C9B.  

  • Mechanical Tools

  • Web and Cable Slings

  • Hoist Assemblies

  • Adapter Assemblies

  • Beam Assemblies

  • Auxiliary Power Unit Carts

  • Bench Test Equipment

  • Line Maintenance Test Equipment

  • Mechanical & Electronic Ground Support Equipment

  • Customer-designed Equipment

  • Ram Air Turbine Cages

  • Specialty Wrenches

  • Lockdown Pins

  • Position Transmitter Test Set

  • QAT-Engineered Solutions

  • Engine Stands

  • Engine Change Kits

  • Heat Exchanger Kits

  • Landing Gear Removal / Installation Kits

  • Pressure Testing Kits

  • Equipment Kits built to Customer Specs

  • Tool Change Bulletin Upgrades

  • Out of Service Tool Evaluation

  • Repair Cost Determination

... and more!

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