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Aero Info Wings its Way to New Home

About Aero Info

QAT and Aero Info have been in business for nearly 50 years. They joined forces in 2003 and new management took the helm in 2017. Our Aero Info division manufactures mechanical, engine-handling and electronic test equipment and tooling for the aviation industry. Along with these products, Aero Info makes bench test, and line maintenance electro-mechanical test equipment, both analog and digital. Aero Info manufactures, evaluates, calibrates, troubleshoots, upgrades, and repairs Boeing and customer-designed ground support equipment (GSE). Aero Info also customizes and manufactures prototype, short-run and production test equipment, in addition to “build-to-print” manufacturing of customer-supplied drawings.

Exciting Changes

The past year has seen many changes and advancements for QAT and Aero Info. From new management, team additions, to new equipment, and more, QAT has focused on bringing the best to our customers. Now QAT and Aero Info are entering an exciting new phase in their nearly 50-year history:

Our Aero Info division has moved to QAT headquarters!

A few weeks ago, Aero moved from Sonora, CA to the busy Atlanta suburb of Marietta, GA. Here, it will thrive under the supervision and guidance of our experienced team members. Aero is now strategically placed for our entire team to more effectively and efficiently work together to manage operations and continue delivering quality products and services, along with outstanding customer service.

This advantageous venture is another stepping-stone towards meeting QAT’s goals of expansion and enhancement. We are dedicated and enthusiastic about continuously improving our capabilities, expansion to new customers and markets, and ensuring our customers' satisfaction.

The Move

Aero Info spent weeks leading up to the move, inventorying the facility and preparing for travel before spending several intense days packing and then loading it all up into a 26’ U-Haul. Then two of our brave employees began the arduous journey to Georgia to relocate Aero to its new home.

Mid-morning of the fourth day after setting off from California saw our intrepid travelers pulling safely into QAT’s driveway with a stuffed U-Haul waiting to be unpacked. Though weary from days on the road, they wasted no time in unloading, organizing, and arranging Aero’s equipment and tools to set up Aero's new home. We continue to handle incoming Aero RFQ’s, PO's and emails with our hallmark customer service and desire to assist.

The Future

We've fully integrated all the various Aero components and people into the rhythm of QAT headquarters, and continue to uphold our standards of quality and service that is delivered to all of our customers. Aero Info and QAT are devoted to finding opportunities for improvement and providing the very best products and services available.

The only change of note that our customers or vendors should be aware of is how to contact us and where to send parts and correspondence. As always, we can be reached by phone at 209-533-2868, via email at or by filling out an RFQ on our Aero Info website. Additional contact information includes QAT's phone 770-429-8157.

Aero Info’s new location and mailing address is:

1048 King Industrial Drive

Marietta, GA 30062

We look forward to (continue) working with you!

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