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QAT's 2019 MRO Experience

Updated: May 6, 2019

April was an eventful and exciting month for the QAT team as we attended the 2019 MRO Americas conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was held from April 9th to 11th at the Georgia World Congress Center, a convenient 45-minutes from our headquarters in Marietta.

Though not QAT’s first time at the MRO Americas conference, it was our first time as an exhibitor, which was an experience unto itself and meant there was a lot for us to do, see, and absorb. QAT’s proximity to the congress center was a huge advantage as it allowed us to provide all our team members the opportunity to attend and experience all the conference had to offer. Our team took turns walking the floor, attending conference sessions, and managing our booth.

Between the informative sessions, the copious quantity of booths to be explored, untold number of opportunities, and the incalculable sea of people rolling through the conference, there was so much to see that even with our extensive team, we couldn’t possibly have seen it all. But we certainly gave it a very good try!

Amid exciting business prospects, stimulating conversations, and chances to learn, there were tchotchkes aplenty to be accumulated. Several of the giveaways were creative and curious, and while many of them were mainstream, some were unique. Among these were the QAT designed and manufactured key chain airplanes made of brass, and our special curiosity, the aluminum cube.

Last but certainly not least, was our drawing giveaway prize, a model airplane, which was won by Vinicio “Lenny” Llerena of Victoria Regional Airport!

QAT President Ivan Kahn presenting our model airplane to giveaway winner Vinicio "Lenny" Llerena

All around, QAT had a successful experience as an exhibitor; we learned a lot and had some fantastic meetings and encounters. QAT is already preparing for next year’s 2020 MRO Americas conference, which will be in Dallas, Texas from April 28th to April 30th. Come see us next year at booth 1943!

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