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APU Carts

Auxiliary Power Unit Carts (APU carts) are specialized stands for safely holding the Auxiliary Power Unit. These carts allow for the removal of these APU’s so that service and maintenance can be done to both the APU itself as well as the area surrounding it. Each APU is specific to the type of plane and type of APU found inside, ensuring the safest and most secure storage when not mounted inside the aircraft.

Engine Change Kit

An Engine Change Kit is specially designed with every tool needed for the job of removing an engine from the airplane and placing it safely onto an engine stand. This will include everything from hoist assemblies to specialty wrenches designed to access bolts in hard to reach areas. Each kit is specifically designed for each engine and airplane combination to allow for the most straight-forward and complete kit needed to perform the task safely and efficiently. 

Specialty Wrenches

We make specialty wrenches that are used to remove, install, or replace custom-made nuts and bolts throughout an aircraft. They are designed specifically to ensure the safest and most efficient procedure when servicing aircraft. We make you the tool you need to get any job done right. 

R.A.T. Guard

Ram Air Turbine (R.A.T.) Guards are designed and used for safety purpose. They provide protection at a safe distance while conducting test procedures, and prevent injury or demise from contact with active turbines. R.A.T. Guards also prevent unauthorized personnel from coming into contact with dangerous or sensitive hardware.

Hoist Assemblies

Hoist Assemblies are used to safely hold and support parts of an aircraft so that maintenance, repairs or replacement can be done quickly and efficiently. Each Hoist Assembly is specifically designed for both the type of airplane and the area of the plane being serviced. This specialization allows the safest and most secure way of lifting and shoring  the components being worked on.

Lockdown Pins

Lockdown pins are specifically designed to inhibit the motion of a part of the aircraft while maintenance is being performed. These pins are specifically designed for the type of aircraft as well as the location on the aircraft where maintenance is being performed. Each lockdown pin has a streamer to help alert maintenance that it should be removed before the plane can be cleared for duty as failure to remove such pins will cause a moving part to be completely immobile.


Customized storing and shipping containers for your tools, parts, and other equipment. Shadow boxes and shelving options are also available. These can either be build from a print or built to order to meet your specific needs. 

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